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In order to keep the quality behind the splash, we cannot afford for our instructors to be average. We believe that just because you are certified as an instructor, doesn’t mean you fit our program. This is why we do not set our bar at just a certification that anyone can obtain. We believe in looking deeper into the person. We want someone who shares the same interest as we do! We want someone who understands the importance of teaching your child how to swim. That is why we not only train our own instructors (even if they are already certified from another institution), but we also put them through extensive interviews to explore their background, agenda, teamwork, commitment and willingness to learn as well as teach. If we simply do not feel they are a fit with our team here at Super Splasher Aquatics, they will not be asked to continue the process. Our “filtering” system has enabled us to assemble a team of very talented, very enthusiastic and very authentic instructors. Our instructors are literally like no other.


Those who ask what separates Super Splasher Aquatics from other aquatics programs have obviously never experienced a session with SSA. These are not run of the mill programs that are offered by a fitness instructor at a gym, a lifeguard at your local pool or your neighbor who claims they know how to swim. This IS what we do. SSA takes pride in the quality behind the splash. Our main priority is to make an immediate positive impact on your children’s life. To make them leave with something they can take with them; something that may save their life or possibly someone else’s. We understand that it is hard to achieve a child’s full potential when classes are filled with 5 or more children. This is why we specialize in one on one lessons, but also offer semi-private and group lessons (containing only a maximum of 3 or 4 children, depending upon level). This lets the attention be directed straight at your child, instead of herding children into a pool to make an extra dollar. All of our instructors openly accept that all children learn differently and that all children are unique. We wouldn’t view it any other way.  This acceptance is what has made our program unique. With smaller classes and our attention to detail, we are able to quickly and accurately learn the child’s needs, limits, strengths and weaknesses so that we can cater to your child as an individual. These programs are set up to create a child/instructor bond that you will not find in another program around the area. It lets the teacher teach and the student learn, all while having fun!  We have found an all around acceleration in children’s success rates, advancements and progression when comparing our program with others. We make sure that your child does not get caught in the shuffle, lost on the side of the pool or given watered down instruction that leaves them second guessing their skills in a real life scenario.

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