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Testimonials from our parents... 

May 03, 2017

My 5 year old son had a HUGE fear of the water. After not making any progress in group lessons, it was recommended that we try private with the company owner, Noelle. Dealing with children with fears of the water is her specialty. 6 months later, even Noelle is amazed at how well he is doing! He has no more fear, is swimming short distances on his own and has even started treading on his own! We couldn't be happier with the investment we've made with Super Splashers. We're super excited to start group lessons and summer camps at Snowden Bridge this summer!

Tyler Buchinski, Mom to David

Berkeley Springs, Wv

November 15, 2015

I've had my three-year-old son in lessons since he was 11 months old. Overall, the teachers he has had have been wonderful and he has learned to be comfortable in the water. He really looks forward to going to swim lessons. He's learned important survival skills in the water and is now starting to learn how to swim on his own.

Jennifer Bryant, Mom to Zayne and Wade

Winchester, Va

We started our children in swimming lessons with SSA when my oldest was a little over a year old. After taking other mommy/baby swim classes I was so thankful to find a program that took a structured (yet still fun!) approach with this age group. Pool safety and swim basics are established in that very first water experience. Those basics have consistently expanded as she has gained more confidence and skills in the water. She is now 3 and is taking classes on her own. I love to see her trying new things that she was terrified of at the beginning of a session, and then proudly showing off those new skills. Noelle and her team are truly wonderful with their students.

Erica Zambanini, Mom To Kyla and Ella​

Winchester, Va

I highly recommend SSA to anyone interested in having their child learn to swim!  My daughter has had great success in the private and group lessons.  All of the instructors are very nice, very attentive to each of the children.  They also teach the children and go over at each session, water safety rules.  My daughter wants to do swimming year around with SSA!  Thanks SSA!!!

Pam Williams, Mom to Makayla​

Stephens City, Va

What could be better than watching your children gain skill and confidence in an area that will benefit their fitness, leisure, and safety throughout their lives?

As far as I'm concerned, Super Splasher is THE resource for swimming instruction in our area.  Noelle is a true expert at what she does, with the advantage of being a mother herself.  She works with parents to create the ideal learning situation for each child, and the smiles on their faces show that it's a perfect approach.

Polly Nelson, Mom to Jack and Maria​

Winchester, Va

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