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SSA offers group lesson by the 8 week session year round indoors at our Splashin' Recreation Center  (SRC) located in Delco Plaza!  We offer classes 7 days a week.  Classes meet once a week for 8 weeks.  You can sign up for as many days a week as you want.  Space is limited to three to eight children per class, depending on level, skill and ability (see lesson page for more information).  The sessions follow the calendar months and run the following weeks:

**There is a $25.00 non refundable annual registration fee per student 

We do offer sibling, first responders and military discounts.  Sibling discounts are applied ONLY when both students are registered and paid for at the same time.  To obtain discount for separate transactions you must contact the office.  Military and first responder discounts given upon verification.  Contact office for more information. 

 Discounts can't be combined.


**Classes with less than 3 students will be cancelled and options will be given prior to start of class!

For a complete listing of our lesson levels and ratios, please visit our swimming lessons page. 



INTRO TO SWIMMING: This level is for children ages 6-36 months. One adult/guardian (over 18 years of age) must be in the water with the child. Helps develop swimming readiness by leading adult/guardian and child in water exploration activities with the objective of having fun and becoming comfortable in and around the water.


PARENT ASSISTED COMFORT: This level is for children aged 18 months to 5 years. One adult/guardian (over 18 years of age) must be in the water with the child  This Level bridges the gap between introductory water exploration and independent swimming readiness. This level fosters a supportive environment where both child and parent/guardian can engage in water activities together, promoting fun and comfort in and around the water.


COMFORT: (Ages 3 and up) This level is for those who are brand new to swimming or who have no prior swim lessons. In this class, children learn to hold their breath, blow bubbles with mouth and nose, and put their faces in the water.  They will learn basic floats and glides on front and back and learn to move independently using an assistive swim belt. They also develop a bond and trust for their instructor, as they build the courage to jump into the water.


BASIC SWIM SKILLS/ SWIM MOVEMENTS: (Ages 3 and up) This level will teach bobbing, review front and back floats and glides, and teach all the leg and arm movements of the freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, and breaststroke


FREESTYLE/ELEMENTARY BACK STROKE: (Ages 3 and up) This level reviews bobbing, introduces bobbing to safety, rolling over in the water, tuck floats, and finning.  Students will learn to independently swim the freestyle and elementary back stroke.


BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE: (Ages 3 and up) This level reviews treading and front and back floats and glides with recovery.    It introduces surface dives.  Students will learn to independently swim the backstroke and breaststroke.


STROKE REFINEMENT: (Ages 3 and up) This level takes all the skills the student has learned in previous levels and uses them to have the student swim the length of the pool (15 meters) in all 4 strokes.  The level introduces kneeling dives, rotary breathing, dolphin kicks and underwater streamline glides to prep those who may move onto a swim team program.


(Ages 5 and up) All four strokes are evaluated and corrected with the use of drills and coach instruction.  The goal of this class is to help swimmers improve stroke technique and teach drills that will enable the continued refinement of the strokes. NOW OFFERING A DROP IN OPTION!!!

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