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What is a session and how long is each and how do I schedule them?

A session is typically 8 half hour lessons.  Private lessons are scheduled by purchasing punch passes HERE.  Semi private lessons are scheduled privately and need to be done so by contacting the office.  Semi public and group lesson are built in advance and you can register for those on our GROUP LESSON or SEMI PUBLIC LESSON page.

Can parents watch lessons?

For outdoor lessons parents may sit on deck out of sight of students.  Parents are currently not allowed to sit on deck to watch during indoor lessons.  We have a secure camera system in place that parents can enroll to watch their students from personal devices while swimming (this is similar to what you would see at a daycare).

Does a parent get into the water?

Only children in our Guppy class will have a parent get in the water with them.   Some children under the age of 3 will get into the water with the instructor by themselves, but for the very young children, it’s not only about teaching the child, but also showing the parent how to work with the child when the instructor isn’t around.


How many children are in a class?

Our instructor/student ratios is 1:3 in our beginner class; 1:4 in our lower levels and 1:6 in our higher levels.  Parent/Chid and Swim teams may have more.

What age is a good age to begin lessons?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you not begin formal swimming lessons until kids are at least 1 year old.  However that doesn't mean that your younger children can't be taught to enjoy the water though.  The American Red Cross suggests that these lessons begin at 6 months of age. We offer infant and toddler aquatic programs that will teach your kids to enjoy being in the water. They can also help teach parents about how to be safe around the water. However, these types of programs do not decrease your child's risk of drowning and are not a substitute for adult supervision and safety in the water.

When and where are the lessons?

Lessons are available Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.; Saturday 9:00a-12p and Sunday 12p-4p.  During the summer we offer lessons at some of our commercial client pools.  Please visit our locations page for more information.

What should my child bring to the lessons?

Please bring a bathing suit and a towel.  Caps are encouraged but all hair should be pulled back off of the child's face.  If they are learning strokes, goggles are permitted only if they are comfortable opening their eyes under water.


What if I miss a lesson?  What is your makeup/cancellation policy?

An EXCUSED absence is one in which we were notified prior to the lesson via email or phone call.  An UNEXCUSED absence is one in which we're not notified prior to the lesson.  In the event that class is cancelled for WEATHER, POOL MAINTENANCE ISSUES, or INSTRUCTOR CANCELLATION, an EXCUSED absence token is given. If you contact SSA prior to your lesson to notify of your absence, an EXCUSED absence token will be given. Makeup tokens remain on your account for 6 months before expiring.

  1. PRIVATE LESSONS: If you know you can't make a lessons you can contact the office and we will punch your student out.  If no notice of cancellation is made within 2 hours of the class start time, class will not be made up and there will be no makeup given.   Makeups will also be issued for cancellation due to inclement weather, contamination and equipment failure and instructor cancellations.  (NOTE: There are no actual makeup tokens given for private lessons, punches are removed from the system, opening up additional passes)

  2. SEMI PRIVATE GROUP CLASSES: UNEXCUSED absences will not be made up and there will be no token issued for the missed class. Makeup tokens will be given for group classes in the event of an EXCUSED absence.  (NOTE: If students from the same family miss a class, alternative options can be given, contact the office to reschedule)

  3. GROUP and SEMI PUBLIC LESSONS: UNEXCUSED absences will not be issued a makeup token and there will be no refund for the missed class.    EXCUSED ABSENCES will be given a makeup token to be used in another class (semi public students will have to use makeup in group class).  Parents MAY NOT use these missed classes as credits towards future classes.   Makeup tokens will be given if class is cancelled on behalf of SSA due to weather, pool issues or instructor issues

  4. MAKEUP CLASSES:  If notified prior to makeup class, the token will be put back on the account.  If prior notice is not given, the makeup will be lost.

NOTE: Makeups tokens will sit on account and must be made up within 6 months of the date of issue.  Credits are good for 6 months.  No financial credits will be given for missed classes and there are NO REFUNDS.  

What do the lessons cost? When do I pay?

Prices vary depending on age of student and type of lessons.  Please visit our swimming lesson page for more information.   We do offer family discounts for multiple children in the program at the same time.  Payment is due prior to or on the first day of class, along with the signed registration/policies/waiver.  There is a non-refundable annual Registration Fee of $25.00 per student.

Can my child learn to swim in eight classes?

All children learn at their own pace.  We will work hard to meet our goals in each class, however your child may not perfect all the skills needed to be en efficient swimmer at the end of eight lessons.  Some swimmers will do more than others, but do not compare your child to others as they are all individuals and will develop skills at their own pace.  


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