The numbers are astonishing with regards to accidental aquatic related deaths in the US. According to the CDC, in 2005, there were 3,582 fatal unintentional drownings in the United States, averaging ten deaths per day.  While American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend swimming classes as the primary means of drowning prevention for children younger than 4, it's still very important to teach our children how to swim and how to be safe around any aquatic environment.

Super Splasher Aquatics is here to do just that. It's important to get the word out to parents that it's never too early to introduce children to water.  Early learning can prevent later disasters.  While those numbers are heartbreaking, the real tragedy is that those drownings could have been prevented with the help of a few basic steps.

We offer swim lessons to individuals 6 months and up.  Our swim program is progressive and age based.    All of our lessons are 30 minutes long and sessions consist of 8 classes, which follow our curriculum.  They are scheduled according to the type of lessons.  Lessons are scheduled from Monday-Friday from 9:00am-7:00pm, Saturdays from 10:00am-1:00pm, and Sundays 12:00pm-5:00pm.


We have three tiers of lessons:


Group swim lessons are scheduled in sessions over the course of 8 weeks from September-April, 4 week sessions in May and 2 week sessions from June-August.  To see the most current group session please visit our registration page.  Our groups are small, as there are three children to one instructor in Level I, II and III.  Level IV and V there are 4 children.    

In addition to our pre-scheduled group swim lessons, we will organize 'private' group lessons as well.  If you have three children in the same level or friends with children in the same level, we can schedule group lessons around your schedule as well.  Please contact us for more information.


Semi Private lessons are scheduled on an appointment basis.   There are two children to one instructor. If you have two children or friend with a child at the same level as yours, you can schedule semi private lessons around your busy schedule.  If you don't have someone, but are interested in this option, please visit our Semi Private Partner Finder Forum to seek out a partner for your child.  


Private lessons are one on one, personally designed around your child.  These lessons are built according to each individual parent's goals for their child.  These are scheduled on an appointment basis and can be done so around your schedule.


CLICK HERE to schedule private/semi private lessons!



We offer five age based levels of swimming lessons.  Our Baby Splashers classes are for children ages 6-36 months. Levels I-V are for students ages 3 and up. These descriptions are for parents in order to provide a broad description of the prerequisites and skills for each level. There are more skills involved in each level, which cannot be listed. All placements are made after an in-water evaluation, unless the parent knows the child is fearful of water or cannot put his/her face in the water. If the child is fearful, then he/she is placed in an appropriate beginner class based on his/her age.Please always remember that swim lessons are not "drown proofing". There should always be adult supervision when children are near water - even bathtubs. All "beginner" and even experienced swimmers have the potential to panic. Swim lessons are one important aspect of promoting water safety and learning competitive strokes for your children.


Baby Splashers

One adult (over 18 years of age) must be in the water with the child.  Helps develop swimming readiness by leading parents and their children in water exploration activities with the objective of having fun and becoming comfortable in, on and around the water. AGES 6-36 months.

Level I Splashers

This level is geared to building confidence in the water. Focus will be on blowing bubbles, floating and gliding on the front and back with support, learning breath control, and swimming with face in the water and an introduction to various arm and leg actions. AGES 3-10

Level II Splashers

Participants learn assisted float on front and back, recovery to a vertical position from floating, front and back glides, and swimming on front and back using a combined stroke for 5 yards. (NOTE: Child must be able to comfortably put their face in the water to be in this class). AGES 3-10

Level III Splashers

​Fundamental Aquatic Skills- This level helps participants learn unsupported float on front and back, recovery to a vertical position from floating, front and back glides and swimming on front and back using combined stroke for 5 yards. (NOTE: Your child should be able to comfortably put their face in the water to be in this class.) AGES 3-10

Level IV Splashers

Stroke Development- This level adds kicks to front and back glides, teaches changing directions and body positions in deep water, diving from the side of the pool in a kneeling position, swim on front and back for 15 yards with more refined stokes, treading water for 30 seconds, and an introduction to the butterfly kick.  (NOTE: Your child should be able to float independently on front and back and swim 5 body lengths using a combined arm/leg action.) AGES 3-10

Level V Splashers

Stroke Refinement-  It focuses on the breakdown of the 4 competitive strokes along with the refinement of the side and elementary backstroke.  In addition children will learn how to dive from the stride and compact position.  They will learn turns and be required to tread for 2 minutes. AGES 5-10

Endurance Training

These classes are designed for swimmers to increase endurance and flexibility while having fun! Features water walking and low to more intense impact exercises. Class includes some work with a flotation belt. **There is a discount when you enroll in a Splasher 4/5 class and Endurance Training back to back.**

Adult Only Classes

This class is for adults who know how to swim, but want to become more efficient swimmers for endurance or exercise purposes.  Participants will gain proficiency in basic aquatic skills and will learn to refine their front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and turns to build endurance. 

FEES: ​​​​​​
Ages 3+

Private:                  $200 per student per session of 8 lessons                 

Semi Private:         $140 per student per session of 8 lessons     

Group:                   $11/class so a session of 8 will be $88, a session of 4 will be $44

Ages 6-36 mon+

Private:                  $144 per student per session of 8 lessons                 

Semi Private:         $96 per student per session of 8 lessons     

Group:                   $10/class so a session of 8 will be $80, a session of 4 will be $40


We do offer 10% sibling discounts so ask us about that when booking.  This is not automatically applied to each invoice so please indicate that you woudl like it applied (like a coupon).  There is a one time Registration Fee of $25.00 per student.

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