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Changing filters. Vacuuming debris. Maintaining proper chemical balance. The hassles of a residential pool can often outweigh the pleasures. At Super Splasher Aquatics, we take care of all these details so your pool is always a sparkling oasis. After all, your pool is probably one of your home's biggest investments.  

Super Splasher Aquatics and our staff of trained professionals can provide an array of pool management services for you and your family to ensure a trouble free summer as far as your pool is concerned.

Our typical pool opening service is affordable and competitive in price. It includes mechanical pool assembly and ensuring its proper operation, pool cover removal, circulation and initial chemical adjustment and clean-up.

Whether your pool management needs are for opening your pool in the spring, winterizing your pool in the fall, chemical purchases, providing daily, weekly, bi-weekly pool service or training you on how to operate your own pool and maintain your pool chemically throughout the season, we can help.

SSA's winterization services include pool/equipment disassembly, winterizing your circulation and mechanical pool lines, winter chemical adjustment and pool cover installation. We can also provide monthly winterization service to protect your pool and ensure the water stays chemically in balance and crystal clear throughout the winter for an additional fee.

Opening Package 1:

  • Re-assemble filter
  • Reconnect pump
  • Filter/Pump Start up


Opening Package 3:

(Package 2 plus)  

  • Adjust pH and Chlorine levels (chemicals to be provided by OWNER)

  • Remove scum line around pool

  • Vacuum pool (up to 1 hour)

  • Reinstall rails and ladders

Starting at $375

Opening Package 2:

  • Debris removal from deck (up to 1 hr w/ owner providing dumpsite)
  • Re-assemble filter
  • Reconnect pump
  • Filter/Pump Start up
  • Water Analysis (adjusting chemicals NOT included)

Starting at $225

Opening Package 4:

(Package 2 &3 plus)    


  • Return visit after 3 days

  • Re-test water and adjust accordingly (chemicals NOT included)

  • Vacuum pool (up to 1 hour)

Starting at $450

Closing Package:


  • Lower water level 12" to 18" 

  • Blow and plug lines

  • Install skimmer protection

  • Add winterization chemicals   (chemical cost NOT included)

  • Winterize filtration system

  • Winterize pump

  • Install winter cover


Starting at $250

DISCLAIMER: Opening packages do not include repairs to pool/equipment, algae outbreaks and salt for salt generator pools.  Salt can be purchased and delivered for an additional cost.

All equipment must be on site and visible prior to appointment.  Please notify office if you don't have your own.



We offer an array of additional services to fit your needs.  To receive a more accurate bid, please contact us today!

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